Meet Ledger Stax a hardware wallet for cryptocurrency and digital currenciesMeet Ledger Stax a hardware wallet for cryptocurrency and digital currencies

Meet Ledger Stax a hardware wallet for cryptocurrency and digital currencies


Ledger is among the companies that are known for providing Hardware Wallets for keeping cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies, and even NFT tokens in one place. It is one of the safe ways to save your crypto money, we do not want scenarios like the FTX platform to happen again and similar platforms to prevent you from extracting your money.

The company recently announced a new version of its premium wallet, Ledger Stax. It comes completely different from previous versions, especially the Ledger Nano version, with some security and system improvements related to it.

The new Ledger Stax

Secure your digital transactions and store your cryptocurrency easily with the Ledger Stax wallet. It is a hardware wallet that specializes in storing digital transactions and tokens (Singatures) and Transactions that allows you to store and use your coins wherever and whenever you want. This permission provides the ability to save any type of NFT tokens after purchasing them as well and use them as needed.

This version supports fingerprint interaction using the E-Ink screen. It comes in a rectangular shape externally, similar to a smartphone, but with a much smaller size. Its small size allows you to easily include it in your purse, or even carry it on a keychain, or anywhere you want.

In addition to this, the Ledger Stax has a smartphone application that allows you to get additional features or even view your balance and make purchases and transfers through it.

What are the uses of the Ledger Stax?

Not for everyone, it is a hardware wallet for people who are very active in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency. Digital platforms such as Binance or Coinbase and others are not completely safe platforms, in addition to deducting huge discounts in trading operations, withdrawals and deposits. And they charge a lot if you have large sums of cryptocurrency. Finally, it is not safe, it may close its doors at any moment and prevent you from withdrawing your money, as happened with the FTX platform.
The Ledger Stax is a perfect solution in this case. It does not charge any commission for your use of the device, is isolated from the network and keeps your money and cryptocurrency safe. In addition to its support for many cryptocurrencies.
Getting the device allows you to store all your cryptocurrency in one device, and it can be called and used whenever you want without any additional commission.

The most important Ledger Stax features you need to know

So how is this device different from other Hardware Wallets? Well, there are some new and important features in the Ledger Stax version, most notably:

NFT images can be viewed as a gallery in the Ledger Stax

Have you ever wondered what uses of images I can buy as an NFT? Not much, in fact, the most important thing about it is that you can resell it at higher prices. However, Ledger Stax offers a feature that allows you to view your NFT images as a gallery in the device. Any such as the device image (Wallpaper) or the image of the lock screen (Lock Screen). A good albeit very simple feature.
Add, transfer, sell, buy and transfer cryptocurrencies through it
What if you want to transfer your Bitcoin to Ethereum, for example? Or do you want to buy another currency? Or do you want to buy something with cryptocurrencies, or even send and receive cryptocurrencies to and from another wallet? All this is possible in the Ledger Stax machine with simple steps and without any additional commission. In other words, you control the money you have.

Powered by Ledger OS

The Ledger Stax is a smart device, with an integrated internal system that is Ledger OS from the company. Which lends itself to doing many things. But what must be mentioned here is that the system is very protected, with protection and security technologies that make it difficult for other people to access or exploit your wallet. The device is protected with private passwords and secure and encrypted communication techniques.

It can be charged wirelessly

The device can also be charged wirelessly and quickly, and just charging it once may provide you with a long charging time (depending on use). Naturally, its wireless charging is actually fast, given that it’s about as thick as a bank card or a little more. You can also still charge it wired via the USB-C port.

Wireless connection with phone and Ledger Live Mobile system

If you are not used to using Ledger OS, you can still connect it to your smartphone via Ledger Live Mobile which brings greater control of the device through your phone. Do not forget that it supports Bluetooth connection for various other services that can be accomplished via the phone.

What is the price of Ledger Stax and how to get it?

It may be a high price compared to previous versions, as the price of Ledger Stax is $ 279. The device is still not officially available for purchase.
The previous Ledger Nano X was priced at approximately $149, which is much cheaper than the Ledger Stax. As we mentioned, these devices have their people and their fans, so if you are one of them, you will be eager to get them.

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