Video games with huge discounts in the Steam sales periodVideo games with huge discounts in the Steam sales period

Want to buy cheap video games? The Steam platform offers you its special Steam Winter Sale, which lasts for days, and these are the best offers and games that you can get

The Steam platform is the first in the world when it comes to purchasing video games for the computer. And unlike Epic Games, they don’t offer free games every week (but they do offer free games, depending on the developers). However, one of the best features of Steam is that it offers seasonal discounts and offers that you can take advantage of. The platform recently announced the Winter Sale, which offers huge discounts on a wide range of video games. We have chosen for you the best ones that combine the power of the game with its cheap price.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – $4.99

If you love truck driving games, delivering orders within European countries, and then improving and developing your own truck, then Euro Truck Simulator is the game you’re looking for. The game is now available during the Winter Sale on Steam for $4.99.

In fact, it is not at the new price, as the platform offers almost the same price on every occasion or discount party. The price was the same during the Summer Sale and on many other occasions. If you do not have the money to take advantage of it at this price now, there is no hurry, you can do so on another occasion.

Prey – $7.49

If you are an avid follower of the free games that are released weekly on the Epic Games platform, this game has already been released for free on Epic. And if you missed it, you can get it now for $7.49. The game is characterized by science fiction, weapons and distinctive combat. Its story tells about your character in the game who fights against a group of beings who were victims of a scientific experiment. Prey is classified as a Shooting game and its first release was in the year 2017.

The game is now available at a 75% discount on the Steam platform, and in fact it is a good discount for the game.

Red Dead Redemption II – for $19.79

It is the most requested game ever, whether from Arab or foreign gaming communities. Everyone is looking for discounts for Red Dead Redemption II to try playing it freely, in addition to the Red Dead Online feature. The game was originally available at an approximate price of $57 (I remember the price because I tried to buy it in a previous period ????). The game is now available at a 67% discount for $19.79.

Of course, the game is rich in definition, but if you do not have an idea about it, it is a game developed by RockStar with an open world that takes place in the western world, and you take the character of “Arthur Morgan”. You and your friends are outlaws, but at some point in the story you’ll just want to retire and end the criminal business you’ve been doing with your friends for so long.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – $7.99

There is no doubt that The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is one of the best games of CD Projekt studio that only recently the new generation of the game was launched. It is one of the most fun RPG and Open World games you can try. And you can now have a better experience of the game via Steam in its special discounts, as it can be obtained at a price of only $ 7.99.

The game is a role-playing game and an open world, and it is the third part of The Witcher series of games. It tells about “Geralt of Rivia” who is trying to search for his daughter, “Siri” (not his real daughter, but he considers her as such). To do so, he has to go through a lot of different missions and difficulties, and complete the main and side missions.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild – for $3.99

For fans of hunting and shooting games, The Hunter Call of The Wild is now available for only $3.99 on Steam. The game is fun for lovers of tranquility, exploration, development of weapons for hunting, tracking antelopes and deer, hunting them and making profits from them.

The game was also made available for free at some point on the Epic Game platform, and if you did not capture it at that time, you can now officially capture it for $ 3.99, and thus fully enjoy the atmosphere of the game and its latest updates.

Battlefield 1: Revolution – for $4.79

The fiercely competitive game of the Call of Duty series, this time Battlefield 1 Revolution, which was released in 2019. It may not be the latest, but it is also good and distinctive. The game is a war game, a first-person shooter, you are thrown into a fierce war of historical wars, and you have to win with your team against the other team.

Battlefield 1 version was among the revolutionary versions of the game, so the experience of playing it is totally different and has its own fun. Also, the price of 4.79$ is a lower price compared to this version. The latest version of the game is also available at a discount, but at a price of $ 29.

Thus, you now have the complete catalog of the best Winter Sale offers on the Steam platform, which are worth checking out and grabbing some.

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