10 applications for watching movies and series on Smart TV10 applications for watching movies and series on Smart TV

10 apps to watch movies and series on Smart TV. Watch movies and series for free on Smart TV through these applications


There is no doubt that watching movies and series on smart TV screens or Smart TV has its own character, and its own pleasure. Once you sip from this deliciousness, it will be difficult for you to return to traditional viewing on your computer or smartphone. Enabling watching movies and series, whether paid or free, on TV may not be easy (especially for free viewing). You need dedicated apps, with a more screen-acceptable interface, and high-quality viewing features for a better experience.

Doing a simple search on application stores or even on the Internet may recommend many applications to you, some of which may work for you for a while, while others do not provide you with the viewing that you expected, but some of them do not work at all! So leave the issue of discovering applications for watching movies and series on Smart Tv upon us, because we will explain to you all possible and effective applications.

1 – Netflix application for TV screens (paid)

Do not worry, this list does not include only paid applications, but it is necessary to provide powerful services that you must consider first. The Netflix platform is among the most powerful services for watching content on the TV screen, not in terms of the content itself, but rather the way you view, browse, search, filter, and collect your favorite movies in one place.

The disadvantage of Netflix is that it is a paid service and requires a monthly subscription in order to use it. If you have the monthly subscription, you can download the TV app from Google Play Store or other Smart TV stores like Aptoide. Then log in with your account and enjoy the ultimate viewing experience.

2 – Amazon Prime Video (paid)

The Amazon Prime Video platform is part of the large Amazon Prime service, which includes many different paid services suitable for everyone, such as Prime Gaming and Prime Reading. Its subscription is cheap compared to competing services, especially when you install its official application on the TV screen, so watching becomes definitely more enjoyable.

The official application is available on various smartphone screen stores (such as Google Play Store). After that, register with your account, and then access the programs available on Amazon Prime. Watching on a smart TV is definitely different compared to other devices.

3 – Stremio (Free)

The idea behind Stremio is very special, contrary to what many people think, it is not an application for streaming movies and series for free, but rather an application for broadcasting content, regardless of what the content is. If you have a Streaming Source, you can install it on the software and then view its content.

The beautiful thing about the application is that it recommends a group of content broadcast sources, most of which are related to movies, after installing one of them and running it through Stremio, to show you the content of the broadcast source, which is movies and series, click on one of them and enjoy watching.

Do not make the previous explanation complicate things for you, we just want to explain to you how the program works. When you use the application, you will install it, then install broadcast sources previously available in the application, and then enjoy watching.

4 – Tubi (Free)

Free and available on the Google Play Store? You must be kidding me!

No, the Tubi platform is a unique platform for watching content from dedicated movies, series and documentaries for free and without any problems (except after the ads appearing in the application). The app is available on the Google Play Store and you can download it from other stores as well. Tubi supports a unique interface on smart TV screens.

Unfortunately, the Tubi service is not good for watching what you want, but only a few movies and series are available on the service, but it is enough to get the pleasure of watching personalized movies. I personally use Tubi and in previous articles I have explained how to find valuable content in the app. Just head over to this website and it’s this customization that recommends to you the best works available to watch on Tubi.

We also want to point out that Tubi may not be available in all Arab countries.

5 – Plex (Free)

Plex is a very resourceful app, not one-size-fits-all, and can be used in many, many ways. And we recommended the application in a previous article about the best applications that should be in your smartphone.

The Plex service provides the ability to broadcast content between various devices (such as broadcasting a video, movie, or photos from a smartphone to the TV screen, such as Casting), and visual content can be accessed from one device to another (accessing computer videos from the TV without the need to transfer them via a flash drive, for example).

But the most important feature is that there is a special aspect of the service that offers free content to watch on TV. The content focuses more on American TV programs, but you will come across good movies and series that can be watched from time to time. There are even some TV channels to watch live.

Again, one of the main drawbacks of the Plex service when it comes to watching movies and series is that it does not include recent movies and series, but only relatively weak content to fight boredom through, so do not expect the latest Marvel movies to be there!

6 – TeaTV (Free)

It is not an app available on the Google Play Store, and may be available on other stores such as Aptoide TV. But if you do not find it in these stores, you can download the APK application via the official store, and it is recommended to download a version for the TV screen.

TeaTV is the best free app for watching content on TV. Once you install it and access it, you will see all the movies and series, including the latest movies, of course, in the application interface. After choosing the evening movie, choose the server and server to watch (the server provides you with quality, translation and other details), wait a while and the movie will start.

The best thing about TeaTv is that there is a feature to download movies to watch later offline. This is if your internet is weak and does not support full movie viewing.

7 – Kodi Service (Free)

Kodi service is a free service available on computers, smartphones, and TV screens, and you can download the application through the Google Play Store or through other services on the TV screen. The definition of Kodi can be boiled down to the fact that it combines both Stremio and Plex into a single application and service.

On the Kodi platform, you also download Streaming Sources, which fortunately can be obtained by installing addons and addons in the program. You will find a lot of Addons, wander a little there to find sources for broadcasting movies and series, as they are many and available. After installing one of them, you will see movies, series, documentaries, and many visual content, depending on the source. And then you click on any of them in order to start watching comfortably.

8 – BeeTV App (Free)

First of all, I want to warn you that the application is not available on the Google Play Store, but there is an application with the same name that provides (almost) the same service, but in a different way. The original BeeTV application is available externally via its official website. The interface of the application on the TV screen is average, somewhat close to TeaTv, but of course applications such as Plex or Kodi have a better interface.

The application offers almost the same service as the TeaTV application, with only different viewing sources. To configure the application, you will need to install additional applications, the most important of which is Titan Player, which supports playing content through the application.

The BeeTV application is not an ideal application, but it is suitable for obtaining good watching of movies and series for free, but I personally recommend the application to you after trying all the previous services, if you are not satisfied with it, then you can try this application.

9 – CyberFlix TV App (Free)

CyberFlix TV is another free app from the line of TeaTV and BeeTV that theoretically differs only in a few small details (which definitely make a difference). The first is that the application servers with Arabic subtitles while searching for movie sources. Another feature that might be good is the ability to cast movies from one device to another. For example, without the need to install the application on the TV screen, it can only be installed on the phone, and then cast the video on the TV screen. The interface of the application is also smooth on the TV screen, so you will not find any problems in choosing movies and sources to watch movies.

To download the CyberFlix TV application, we recommend that you join their channel on Telegram, then follow the latest versions of the application and install it. We think it’s the best way to download the official and verified app.

10 – NovaTV App (Free)

If you don’t like TeaTv, BeeTV, or even CyberFlix TV… then NovaTV is your final salvation. Frankly, this application does not differ from the previous applications except in the content offered and the sources of obtaining movies and series. Broadcast sources are the thing that you should take care of in these applications, as some of them are under severe pressure, so even if you have good internet, the broadcast will be intermittent and weak. Others are very fast.

The app is not theoretically designed to be available on TV screens only smartphone, but that does not mean that it does not look good on TV screen. So things won’t go wrong if you try it on your Smart TV.


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