It's all about ReVanced... the best YouTube alternative so farIt's all about ReVanced... the best YouTube alternative so far

ReVanced is a replacement for YouTube Vanced, which is no longer supported. It provides you with a complete view and is not full of annoying ads. Here’s everything about it


Since the announcement of stopping support for the YouTube Vanced app, which was considered one of the best YouTube alternatives that provide you with more than professional viewing. Everything that YouTube offers you in its paid YouTube Premium account can be obtained for free in YouTube Vanced. After announcing the discontinuation of support for it, many alternative platforms appeared for YouTube Vanced, some of which provide you with accurate simulations, while others do not provide you with everything. One of the stars to rise from the ashes of Vanced is the YouTube ReVanced app that many describe as the best yet.

What is the YouTube ReVanced app?

YouTube ReVanced is an app that came out of support on YouTube Vanced. Through it, you can watch YouTube videos just like YouTube, with some additional features. The most prominent of these features is watching videos without annoying ads, especially since YouTube is now adding up to 10 ads in its own videos.

In addition to adding the Dislikes feature, which YouTube removed a while ago to stop hate speech (according to her), which angered many because it is a way to know if the video is honest or false. And let’s not forget the most important feature of ReVanced software, which is the ability to watch content even after exiting the application (in the form of PiP) or even listening to videos after locking the smartphone. These are features that we only see in YouTube Premium.

Then finally, the application comes with a clean interface that is no different from the YouTube interface, but even better. Which is now being nominated by many to be one of the best YouTube applications ever.

The most prominent features and pros of YouTube ReVanced

Ad-free viewing:

You will watch YouTube without disturbance thanks to ReVanced software. Note that YouTube has recently started providing more and more ads on the platform so that it will add 10 non-skippable ads before watching the video you want.

Watch videos in PiP mode:

If you want to browse other apps while watching a YouTube video. It is a paid YouTube feature that you get for free via ReVanced.
Smooth interface and close to YouTube: There are many alternative programs to Vanced, such as PureTuber, which we have provided a full explanation of. But emulating the YouTube interface itself is difficult. Fortunately, ReVanced’s interface mimics

YouTube’s interface much better.

Listening to music after turning off your smartphone: If you used to listen to music on YouTube, you can listen to it now with your phone turned off. Another paid feature from YouTube.

The ability to download YouTube videos directly: Another feature in the ReVanced app that makes it a special application is the ability to download the videos you watch on YouTube directly. While selecting any video, you will find the download icon at the bottom next to the like button and similar icons.

The ability to bypass useless clips while watching videos: a very important and wonderful feature in ReVanced, if you are watching a video on YouTube and then there is an ad clip inside the video, or a clip that is not related to the content of the video, the system will tell you that there is a segment that can be skipped, clicking on it will scroll the video a little to bypass the material ad.

These are the most important YouTube Revanced features that you should know about. In addition to secondary features, such as bringing the Dislikes counter, for example.

Cons of YouTube Revanced

YouTube ReVanced is a very interesting app, but it has one of the biggest drawbacks (and it’s the only one). The difficulty of installing the application:

Originally, you couldn’t just download the app in APK form and then install it, it’s different with this app. Basically, what you have to do is download the open source project from Github via the following link, and then download the necessary tools to embody the APK file based on the project. Then download secondary software such as Revanced Manager and Vanced MicroG. Then install everyone and start using the app.

Luckily …

Luckily, plenty of platforms have appeared that do all this mischief for you and provide you with an APK file to download the app directly. Now all you have to do is go to it (we cannot provide a specific link, all you have to do is search Google for ReVanced APK and try to choose a reliable site) and download the app.

Due to bad luck …

Unfortunately, this method does not provide you with additional and automatic updates for the application. In other words, every time the project repository is updated, you have to download the apk file again and install it.

How to download, install and then use Revanced

As mentioned in the previous lines, a ReVanced application is an application that you embody yourself by uploading the project. However, the application can be downloaded in APK format from any other site to download external applications, or other stores as an alternative to the Google Play Store.

To run the ReVanced app efficiently on your device, you need to download two additional components necessary:

Vanced MicroG application:

Which you need to run the ReVanced application (without it, even after downloading the APK, the application will not work with you). It is also the application responsible for registering with your account in the ReVanced program. It can be downloaded as an APK from its official GitHub project.

ReVanced Manager application:

To closely and better manage the ReVanced program and access patches and more. It can also be downloaded in APK format from the following project link.

After downloading and installing the two applications, any ReVanced APK can be downloaded (we recommend this, which can be downloaded from the following link). Then you can now use the app freely.

And at the end…a disclaimer

We want to point out at the end that this article does not aim to breach the intellectual protection of YouTube or its private content. And we always recommend using the official YouTube app.



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