7 libraries to help you develop Flutter applications professionally7 libraries to help you develop Flutter applications professionally

7 libraries to help you develop Flutter applications professionally. Flutter libraries, Flutter libraries, Flutter course, Plugins to use for filters, Programming libraries


Flutters are among the global technologies in developing mobile applications and web services, relying on the Dart language as an essential part of it. This technology has gained great popularity in the Arab world, and the Flutter development environment has become one of the most widely used, popular and researched development technologies.

Flutter is good to use for various software development, especially for smartphone app development. What might make it even better is exploring a range of libraries and frameworks to help you develop better software projects. So come to explore what we have chosen for you in this package.

1 – Animations Library

Animation and animation are among the things that make software more professional and come to life better. Building and creating animations for the elements in your code from scratch can be difficult, complex and time consuming. And the best solution in this case is to use libraries like Animations.

The library offers you many different animations, from Transitions and transitions between elements, to animations and animations for entire pages or their own elements. With elaborate gestures while tapping buttons or touching the phone screen, and more.

2 – Bottom Navy Bar Library

This library adds a horizontal menu at the bottom of the application, to help the user navigate better and access some additional sections and tabs. Besides being highly customizable, it also offers great animations, a built-in icon pack to use, and custom colors for each of the tabs that the user clicks on.

It is easy to use, its code is easier to integrate, and the developer can customize it more. The Navy Bar is very streamlined, as all the icons are compact, and then when you click on any of them, they drop down to the entire bottom menu, which gives a good impression on the professionalism of the application.

3 – Intro Slider Library

Many applications, when they are launched for the first time, open their screen with a slide show, showing the features of the application and how to use it. It’s a typical effect for any professional application, and the Intro Slider library helps you craft it into your own Filters project.

With ease and professionalism, you can create a slider at the beginning of running the application, with many elements that can be controlled, such as adding buttons or movements, and hiding the slider after the first time or keeping it every time the user opens the application. And the ability to programmatically customize almost every detail in the slider.

4 – Motion Tab Bar library

Didn’t like the aforementioned Bottom Navy Bar and are looking for something a little more professional? Or a better animation? Our next nomination then will be exactly what you are looking for.

The Motion Tab Bar library is a library that customizes the bottom menu in the mobile app, with a very cool motion effect and animation. The library is open source, and by including its Dependency, you can create the element, then control all its content, including icons, the number of tabs available, and even the type of animation.

5 – Flutter Background App Bar library

To make your mobile app look more professional, the Flutter Background App Bar provides you with a very nice feature. It is the ability to keep the background (image) at the top even after scrolling down the page.

This library can be used especially in the pages and tabs of articles and topics. As it is possible to preserve the main background of the page, while the content drops down during the download process, which gives a distinctive effect on the page and adds professionalism to it.

The project is open source and the way it is used is not complicated. It is possible to control the type of content within the page, control animation and scale the image as it shrinks after scrolling down.

6 – Flutter Plugin Filter List project

Many applications allow you to choose a set of tags or categories on a page. The best example to describe this would be the Clubhouse app which, when you sign up for the first time, will ask you to choose a bunch of different interests in the form of a cloud of hashtags and assign the most important ones to you.

If you want to create something similar in a filters application, the best and easiest way to do so is the Flutter Plugin Filter List project, which pulls information from the List and then displays it in a distinctive form in the form of a cloud of words, so that the end user can choose better. In addition, it is possible to include a search tab within the application, modify the bottom buttons, and specify the way to store the words selected by the user.

7 – Flutter Useful Widgets

And we conclude with you this bag that includes a set of widgets that you can use in your software based on filters. The idea behind the Flutter Useful Widgets library is that it is a package of small additions that may be useful to users such as: the Loading button, the Refresh button, the search feature within the application (Search) and other additional elements that you will always need in an integrated application.

Most importantly, this project is constantly renewed, so new items are added every time.

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