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What is the GO programming language? What are the uses of the Go programming language? We provide you with all the information about the famous GoLang language from Google. Go Lang Explained, Uses of Go


The GO programming language is among the programming languages that made its way into the list of the best languages used in the year 2022, according to Stackoverflow statistics. Many developers, programmers, and even companies around the world are starting to rely on GO as a basic programming language to develop their own services. The GO programming language is not very popular in the Arab world because the Python programming language is always at the forefront of the popularity of programming languages. However, after familiarizing yourself with the GO language and its features and characteristics, it may become your favorite.

Our next article aims to introduce the GO programming language and what you can make of software and services after you have mastered this language. We also help you provide resources and courses to help you learn and master GO.

What is the GO programming language?

It bears the name Go, which is an abbreviation for GoLang, and it is developed by Google. The first official announcement of the Go programming language was in 2009, when the first version of it was released, but the actual use and availability in the hands of users was not available until 2012.

The reason for the emergence of the GO programming language is that the developer team in a company found that the C and C++ programming languages are no longer sufficient to carry out the required tasks that the company exercises, and that to provide better services, a programming language must be devised that takes the C and C++ programming languages as the basic component. And correcting the errors of the two languages, and giving them strength in performance, and this will require the issuance of a completely new language, which is GO.

In short, the GO programming language is a programming language similar to C and C++ in terms of purpose, but it is more developed and corrects the problems and errors that the developer specialized in these two programming languages has always suffered from.

What can I do by acquiring the GO programming language?

Why should I learn GOlang programming language? What is it for? What possibilities will be open to me after learning and mastering GO?

Learning the GO programming language is neither necessary nor inevitable for everyone, and learning it is an addition to the previous programming techniques that you have. Go can just be considered an improved way to accomplish the things I used to do with C/C++. However, in general, there are things that GO improves on other things, the most important of which are:

Creating and developing web applications: GO can be a good programming language for developing web applications in BackEnd mode. The reason for this is the availability of frameworks such as Beego, Martini and Revel that can replace your use of PHP, for example, or frameworks such as Flask during the development and manufacture of web software. Especially since its performance is terrible and more superior than these competing services.

Developing and manufacturing software and supporting cloud services: or Cloud Development, due to GO’s capabilities in synchronizing services with each other and using them as a channel for communication and networking services. If you are interested in cloud programming activities, then you should consider GO.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: Many programming languages, led by Python, dominate the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning services. We will not exclude GO from this equation, as it is able to align languages such as Python in this area. The reason why many people prefer GO in these tasks is due to its speedy performance in calculations, and its flexibility in providing solutions. It also includes popular libraries in this regard, such as GoLearn, Gorgonia, and Goml.

Developing other various services and software: GO specializes in the above areas in particular, but you can still make normal and easy software using GO, such as desktop software, or adopt it to create a web application.

You can notice that GO is an additional option for those with more expertise, especially companies like Google that are active in such areas.

Characteristics of the programming language GO

Why do individuals and companies choose GO as the programming language for their projects? This programming language has many specifications and characteristics, including:

The goroutines feature for faster and more powerful tasks

Various programming languages depend on the Thread feature. To explain it easier is to give the processor dependent tasks (one after the other) to accomplish. While this is opposite to the goroutines feature, which means giving the processor parallel tasks to be completed at the same time, and it is lighter and better than Threads in speed and performance.

Easy to write and format (Syntax)

It is somewhat similar to the Python programming language in writing, and this makes learning it faster for people who are accustomed to languages such as Python and C. In addition, it is a smart language that is able to understand and deal with data, and is clear in terms of problems related to it and the typicality of writing codes. In short, even if you don’t have much programming experience, you can still learn Go quickly.

It is not an object oriented programming language (OOP).

The GO programming language shied away from the foundations of OOP but kept some of its features as well. For example, you cannot create classes, objects, inheritance, or encapsulation. However, it still maintains some of the main characteristics, the most important of which are the Interfaces and Structs.

Not only the basic principles, but many other things that make up this style of programming language, such as Overloading and Generics. Developers feel that these features are unnecessary or required in a development environment based on GO.

Have large library hardware (Libs)

Like JavaScript, GO has a large collection of different libraries, each of which performs a specific function. What’s new with GO here is that there is no one place or specific package manager to be the sole source for libraries (which is a negative). For this, you need to know in advance the name of the library and where it is available in order to download it, then install it and start using it.

These can be considered as the best resources to help you learn the GO programming language. And if you prefer other educational platforms of your own, you can find courses related to GO.

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