Stack overflow stats for 2024 The best programming languages of the yearStack overflow stats for 2024 The best programming languages of the year

The best programming languages for the year 2024, according to Stackoverflow statistics. Which includes the best languages required in the labor market, loved by users, and the most income languages


Every year, Stackoverflow, one of the largest programmer communities, presents its annual statistics. These statistics include all the information you need to know about the field of programming and development in the year. And the areas that are required more than others, and the programming languages that are no longer necessary in the life of developers and software companies.

These statistics help all developers and programmers to know their perceptual and cognitive state in the field of programming, to know if they should continue to use the techniques they use in programming, or they should make changes in their educational mechanisms. We aim to simplify these statistics in ways that are better for users and readers to understand more easily.

The most popular and used programming languages in 2024

According to the Stackoverflow platform and its pioneers, it identifies the most popular programming languages based on the number of searched words and topics related to these languages. And because Stackoverflow is so popular and global, it’s hard to overlook these stats.

The JavaScript programming language has always been at the forefront, and it has been so since 2019. It is a programming language used in almost any project of any kind, and it is rare to abandon it. JavaScript here does not only represent the JS language alone, but all the libraries, frameworks and technologies that depend on it mainly.

HTML/CSS although they are not programming languages, they are essential to be used on the web, no website can be built without them. They are the two pillars on which a website stands to advance itself.

The SQL database query language, as well as Python, are among the 5 most popular programming languages, and this is natural, followed by Typescript, which is approved in the most famous JavaScript frameworks as well.

You may notice that some programming languages have declined compared to last year, such as GO, Rust, and Kotlin. While some languages remained in the same positions, such as C++ and C#. And if you think PHP is overdue, check the stats again.

The most loved programming language by developers in 2024

When you assign a task to a developer, one of the first things he will do is choose the best programming language that is suitable for him, and is easy to use from his point of view. Or just adore using it to develop any kind of software. Here is the most important thing that developers loved this year.

The Rust programming language still maintains its leadership as the most beloved language by users, as it is easy to use, simple, and hundreds of lines of code can be summarized in only dozens through it. And do not forget the strength of its performance compared to similar languages.

Elixir and Clojure are ahead because (in our view) they are the most profitable programming languages. If you are a Clojure developer, for example, you can make at least $100,000 a year.

Typescript is widely used, especially in frameworks such as React, Vuejs and Angular, which are used today in many projects that facilitate the use of web technologies.

As for the rest of the languages, such as Python and Julia, they are always considered easy options for developing complex software, and that is why they occupy good positions among the list of the most beloved programming languages by developers.

The most profitable programming languages in 2024

If money is all you care about (oh greed ????), then Stackoverflow has ranked programming languages according to the value of income that accrues to the programmer. In addition to knowing the annual income paid by companies operating in these languages. To get the following classification:

As mentioned above, Clojure is the most profitable programming language in the world, despite its annual income decline (it was $130,000 in last year’s statistics, and today it’s $106,000). It is followed by Erlang, F#, and LISP. You may be wondering, why on earth are these languages not among the best programming languages if they have a great income?

There are two main reasons for this: the most scarce is the most profitable, and the most sought-after is the most profitable. Giant companies such as Google or Microsoft do not require Python developers, for example, but rather need developers in these categories. Because they are rare, their income is very high. You can find a hundred Python developers, and you can hardly find an experienced Erlang developer.

Programming languages such as Ruby, Scala, and Go are among the medium-famous languages that are good in terms of income as well.

So, these are the top 3 statistics related to programming languages, according to StackOverFlow.


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