10 things you can do in ByBit that you never knew10 things you can do in ByBit that you never knew

The ByBit platform is one of the most popular platforms for trading and buying crypto and digital currencies of all kinds. But did you know that you can do other things too?


The ByBit platform is one of the powerful platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and digital currencies, and it is used globally by more than a million users. The platform is full of tricks, special pages, and various services that help you get better investments and stronger services. Through it, you can make more profits through the platform.
Today we kind of want to unveil some of the secret services that you can do within the ByBit platform that will increase your love for using the platform and your love for relying on these services in your daily life full of investing in crypto and digital currencies.

1 – Explore profitable offers to invest in

The ByBit platform, like other platforms for crypto and digital currencies, gives preference and priority to some cryptocurrencies at the expense of other currencies. Perhaps due to a partnership between them or because the platform has an interest in this currency over other currencies.
The most recent was the WSOT event in which if you invest in a cryptocurrency you will be entered into a random draw to share a prize of 400K USDT. It ended with the participation of more than 69 thousand people around the world. Basically, these offers consist in investing in a specific currency, or buying an amount of a certain currency, in return for obtaining prizes or rewards of a different kind. Like investing in X currency and then getting a 15% return in the form of USDT of what you invested.

2 – CopyTrading feature

Trading crypto and digital currencies is a profitable way to generate income. But trading is a difficult matter, even experienced people admit that trading is a very difficult task, and beginners will find it an almost impossible task. Instead of making it a tool for making a profit, it will turn into a tool for making a loss and losing money.
On the ByBit platform, there is a distinctive option, which is CopyTrading, which helps you to profit from trading even if you are inexperienced. This is done by looking at the most famous traders on the platform and the most profitable ones through trading. Then you copy his trading techniques. His movements are automatically imitated, so if he buys Ethereum, you buy him too, and if he sells, you sell him too, all automatically. When the best traders on the platform make their profits, you will also make good profits by copying their trading habits.
You can choose any of the profiles and accounts of the traders on the platform, then start clicking on the Copy option to copy his trades. One of the downsides of this method is that the number of followers for each trader is limited. In other words, you must quickly copy the trading movements before the opportunity ends.

3 – Find profitable cryptocurrencies in the short term

If you are thinking of buying, selling and investing in cryptocurrencies, there are two types of this investment: long term and short term.
Long-term is the investment in the major projects that make up the new web, such as buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana… These are cryptocurrencies with a long-term investment, from which you will not profit today, this month, or even this year. But if you buy it today, it will have more than double the value in the year 2025, for example.
As for the short-term, they are currencies that appear for a moment, rise dramatically, and then decline to remain in normal positions, such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and others. It is considered profitable if you can take advantage of it while it is emerging, and then sell it when the currency starts to stagnate.
ByBit offers you to take advantage of these cryptocurrencies and explore them on the next page, then choose the 24H % changes indicator. This will show you the most popular cryptocurrencies in recent times, and do not hesitate to buy some of them, but watch their price well, as soon as the currency begins to stagnate, you can sell it to get good profits from this investment.

4 – You can buy cryptocurrencies without activating your profile and identity

Almost all cryptocurrency buying platforms offer KYC. The KYC system is referred to as a system for identifying users by knowing their real identities, by photographing the ID card, filling in the required information correctly, obtaining your own photo and more. The KYC system is activated on various platforms before proceeding with the purchase of cryptocurrencies.
Even the ByBit platform has its own KYC system, activating your profile allows you some additional and special services. But in order to buy cryptocurrency.

5- It has an NFT marketplace to buy and sell NFTs

Are you creative? Want to make a bunch of professional content and sell it as an NFT? ByBit offers its own marketplace built on several protocols, the most important of which is ETH. There are plenty of collections on the platform for you to collect and resell at other prices, and you can turn your creations into real profit.
It is true that the NFT has not been that popular since the beginning of 2022, and it has achieved reasonable losses that make others unable to buy or trust the NFT anymore. However, if you have always wondered if you can get some profit by selling your creation, you might consider offering it to ByBit.

6 – Trading Bots feature…let the bots trade for you

You may not have much experience in the field of trading and cryptocurrency trading, and experience is essential in this field, as much as experience may help you achieve huge profits, it may lead to large losses as well. But on the ByBit platform, this can be bypassed through the trading bots feature.
Trading bots or trading bots are, in short, a code that works for you in order to carry out buying and selling operations automatically without your intervention. In the beginning, you specify the bot settings and let the bot do its work, and you will find that the bot trades for you and makes good profits from cryptocurrencies.

7 – ByBit platform is the cheapest in terms of commission

Cryptocurrency buying, trading and investing platforms depend on commission in order to keep themselves in the market. Popular exchanges such as Binance have commissions ranging from 0.1% to 0.5% depending on the type and volume of trade. Other platforms such as Kucoin, Coinbase and FTX have approximate commission and similar to Binance commission. So what about the ByBit commission?
The ByBit platform is considered the cheapest in the market in terms of commission for a good reason, as its own commission ranges from 0.06% to 0.1% depending on the type and volume of trading as well. Can you imagine that this commission hardly affects your profits? Whether you trade a little or a lot, getting a low commission is always a plus.

8 – ByBit Savings feature

Talking about profit from cryptocurrencies is not always limited to investing or trading them, there are many ways to profit from them without doing that, and we explained them in our article entitled: 5 Ways to Make Money from Digital Currencies without investing them. The ByBit platform offers you what is called Savings, which is profit by buying specific cryptocurrencies, with an agreement on a percentage profit return over a specified period. Then make a profit by completely avoiding the risk of losing.
Simply choose a cryptocurrency from the ones available on the ByBit Savings page. Read the currency details: duration and return in percentage. Then invest in it. Assuming a 10% return on profit over 3 days. If you invest $100 in the currency, you will have a full profit of $110 in 3 days, guaranteed.
ByBit Savings also offers an additional feature, Flexible Earnings. Mostly the profit through this process depends on the lapse of time between you and the offer. But at ByBit you can withdraw your money anytime you want via Flexible Earnings. If you find a better offer, you can withdraw your money and subscribe directly.

9 – Earn extra money through the Liquidity Pool system

Explanation of the Liquidity Pool and how it works can be complicated, and we hate complexity and want to simplify everything for you. So here’s the following explanation: In the Liquidity Pool, you buy or invest in a specific cryptocurrency, then get a daily return in the form of another cryptocurrency, with the ability to withdraw your original money at any time.
Didn’t you understand? Assuming we have a Bitcoin Pool, you buy, for example, $100 of Bitcoin, and get a daily return of 6% in the form of USDT. That is, as long as you have $ 100 of bitcoins in that pool, $ 6 will be added to your account every day. If you want to change, you can withdraw your money at any time to get your $100 back.
Your money in that cryptocurrency is used to accomplish other business, the most important of which is Yielding or Loans. Also, your money becomes vulnerable to the influence of the market. If you bought bitcoin at a price of $100 and then it fell, then during the withdrawal you will withdraw a lower price.
Start by choosing the best pools on Bybit, and enjoy the profits added to your balance.

10 – Trade in various ways and auxiliary tools

Want to trade with Spot Trading? Or the Margin Trading? We know that many are against the latter for its legitimate rule, but the idea here is to make it clear that the platform offers many methods and many utilities for profitable trading in your favor. You can also rely on the aforementioned Trading Bots, or copy other people’s trades via the Copy Trading feature. The nice thing is that you can trade all the cryptocurrencies available on the platform within a professional trading system filled with all the tools and indicators that you need. Happy trading also on the ByBit platform.

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