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Thinking of getting an SSD but on a budget? We suggest you the best ones that you can get with a budget not exceeding $ 20 now and quickly


You can’t live in 2024 now without having an SSD that has replaced (almost, but not completely) regular HDDs. SSD units are faster, providing high efficiency, speed of use, and fast storage for programs, games, and the system to run quickly. It provides not only storage function, but also storage and processing. Unlike HDD devices, which technically provide you with only storage. That is why many people buy HDD storage units with a very large space, while SSD units have medium spaces due to the price difference between them.

Contrary to the belief that prevailed among most users, many believe that buying a 120GB SSD unit may cost you a fortune, while its price will only cost you $20 or even less. This prompted us to dedicate this entire article to offer you a set of suggestions for SSD storage units to buy at very attractive prices.

KingSpec Storage (starting at $13)

Available storage space: 120GB up to 1TB
Read speed: 560MB/s
Writing speed: 520MB/s
Port type: SATA III

One of the cheapest SSDs you can get. It has good storage, reading and writing characteristics. It connects to your computer via a SATA III port and can be used internally or externally (as long as you have the compatible port). In terms of external appearance, the device is available in different colors such as blue, black and orange. And you can get a powerful unit with a space of 2TB, which is the highest, for $ 125. The ratings of the device are good, its indicators and statistics are appropriate, and using it will greatly improve the performance of your device.

Installing the system on this unit will provide you with an unprecedented speed of performance, also installing programs and games on the unit will increase its performance well. You won’t experience any annoying noises or excessive heat while using a KingSpec SSD. We have presented many offers for this device in our private channel on Telegram, due to its good reviews and outstanding performance. This is what made us suggest it at the beginning of this article.

XrayDisk (starting at $11)

Storage space available: from 60GB up to 1TB
Read speed (for a unit with a capacity of 1TB): 560MB/s
Writing speed (for a unit with a capacity of 1TB): 510MB/s

Externally, it also comes in various colors and a small size that fits all devices (whether PC or Laptop) as long as you have a compatible SATA III port. The maximum storage unit you can get in XrayDisk is 1TB, and this may be one of its drawbacks if you are looking for something larger. It is characterized by high performance in terms of reading and writing, as it does not generate any excessive heat, especially during the completion of the required tasks. Their prices start from $11 and reach $55 for a 1TB unit, which is the maximum.

Its performance is very good, especially in terms of accomplishing various tasks in the system, it is not good for storing files, content, and even video games due to its limited storage space, but if you need something very cheap, and distinguished performance, then the XrayDisk unit may be the unit you are looking for.

Storage space available: from 120GB up to 2TB
Read speed (1TB unit): 557MB/s
Book speed (1TB unit): 504MB/s

We provided a full review of the Netac SSD about a year ago, when it was launched at a special offer at $16, and guess what, its price has now dropped dramatically and you can get it for only $13 (the smallest size). It is also connected via a SATA III port to allow you to work efficiently on your device. Its different capacities allow many options for the user, even a 1TB unit costs only $55. It is the cheapest in the market compared to its counterparts. Read and write speeds and other features are very good on this unit from NETAC. Using it will significantly change the speed of your computer.

It has enough performance to run the system and all its programs quickly, without delay in providing a quick response to running the system, programs and even video games. It can transfer your device’s poor performance to a stronger and better performance once you start using it. And its reviews are very good.

Lenovo Storage (price starting at $20)

Available storage space: from 128GB up to 2TB
Read speed: 510MB/s
Writing speed: 420MB/s

Lenovo has many accessories related to computers, parts and other digital items such as headphones and charging cables. It also has an internally installed SSD with a SATA III port, which you can choose from quite a lot starting at 128GB and going all the way up to 2TB. As for the price, it varies according to the space. For example, a 2TB space can be obtained for $174. This unit is characterized by efficiency, the ability to operate for a long time and perform tasks without overheating. Its look is traditional, saturated black only with the Lenovo logo on it.

The unit’s 2TB of space is a strong feature to mention, meaning it can be used for both storage and normal business. Thus, an additional HDD unit intended solely for storage can be relatively abandoned.

Kodak Storage (price starting at $15)

Available storage space: from 120GB up to 1TB
Read speed: 550MB/s
Writing speed: 510MB/s

Did you know that Kodak makes storage devices? Kodak is mostly known for manufacturing accessories and imaging devices, but what you don’t know is that it also manufactures storage units of all kinds. I personally used an SD card from the company, and it was very distinctive in terms of performance, and externally beautiful in its bright yellow color. It also has distinctive flashes.

Then SSD units with a SATA interface, as this unit we suggest to you in this article. Kodak has excelled in providing this unit, as its services and internal speed are good for performing tasks without fatigue or a rise in the temperature of the storage unit. Available at prices starting at $15 and a 1TB unit priced at $80.

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