A free course to understand all the basics of yo provided by METAA free course to understand all the basics of yo provided by META

A free course to understand all the basics of Metaverse provided by META. Understand everything about Metaverse by taking this complete and free course by Meta Corporation


The concept of metaverse is one of the buzz phrases that are cracking at the present time in all fields. If a company wants to sell you a new product, all it has to do is add the phrase Metaverse to the name to make it compatible with modern technologies (although it is not). This is because phrases like these always create buzz.

But the Meta company (formerly Facebook, which changed its name to Meta because it began to direct itself to the world of the Metaverse) wants to correct this concept for the world so that users can understand it more, and stop wondering about the concept of Metaverse. Therefore, the company has launched a new free course that allows everyone to understand, comprehend, and even start creating services and software in Metaverse.

Meta announces a complete free course to learn and understand Metaverse

To make the concept more clear to ordinary users, and also to help developers start developing software and services on Metaverse, Meta has launched this course for everyone.

In this course, you will get to know everything related to the metaphysical world, reveal its secrets, and how to start dealing with it. The positioning of the metaverse in the real world, what it currently constitutes, and how the metaverse differs from the real world. The user will be able to explore all available opportunities to get closer to this field and start exploiting it. Either individually or in the business world.

Understand the main fundamentals that make up the concept of Metaverse

This course from (Meta) will seek to help the user understand and comprehend the technologies that make up Metaverse today, the most important of which are:

  • Understanding Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (VR / AR / MR)
  • Understand the basics of NFT, how it works, how it is stored, and how it is encoded
  • All the basics and concepts of Blockchain
  • Highlight the basics of cryptocurrencies and Cryptocurrencies and how to create them

You will not learn all these techniques randomly, but with great guidance from Mita specialists, of course, and this is what distinguishes this entire course.

What will you learn by the end of the course?

Meta will introduce you to many concepts and their explanations through this course, which extends to popular and sometimes huge secondary concepts. Taking this course will teach you:

  • Dealing with realistic dimension types
  • Right now, we’re dealing with different dimensions (we don’t mean the time dimensions ????). For example, we deal with
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and even Mixed Reality.

As you know, the Metaverse itself is just a virtual world, which you access through a dedicated device (such as the Oculus helmet from Meta). So you have to learn to build things inside these dimensions and worlds, and make interactive 3D shapes available.

Understanding Web3 and its basics

The Web3 is also one of the concepts that touch the ears of active people on the Internet in addition to the Metaverse. Although the concept of Web3 is broad and difficult to explain, we have tried to provide a full description of all its services and features in a previous article:

But the new course from Meta will do well in explaining and presenting all the knowledge necessary to know about Web3, of course provided by both sides of Meta specialists, whose direction is now based on these new services. Web 3 is one of the concepts that every person should understand before proceeding to deal with any of the advanced digital services, such as encrypted currencies and NFT, as it is its main pillar.

Blockchain Basics

Encrypted currencies, or decentralized services, are defined as a group of blocks that are interconnected to ensure the credibility of the information passing through the network and to ensure that it is audited. For a better understanding of Blockchain and Blockchain, Meta introduces you in this comprehensive course on Metaverse with concepts related to Blockchain.

Other technologies in the same field

You will also learn how the NFT or non-fungible symbols work, as well as an introduction to the field of Extended Reality, which is another type of new realistic dimensions that make up the worlds of metaverse. To help you build your own games in Metaverse, you’ll take a custom game engine course to create your own game, and more.

Basic information about the course and how to participate in it

The course is available on the Coursera platform and is provided by Meta (formerly Facebook). The course is freely available to everyone, and this is undoubtedly its best feature.

The course needs 10 hours to finish it completely, and you can control the time as you want to finish the course at any time.

One of the drawbacks of the course is that it is not available in Arabic or translated into Arabic, so make sure that you can understand the content of the course in English.

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