Learn about the new Full Stack Developer course from MetaLearn about the new Full Stack Developer course from Meta

Want to become a Full Stack Developer? Meta offers you a complete course to become a Full Stack developer through two specialized courses in the Front End and the Back End

A Full Stack developer can create an integrated website in terms of interface, then data management and communication techniques. It is an amalgamation of both Front End technologies related to the interface, and Back End technologies related to data management, document communication, and communication with databases. It is really hard to become a Full Stack developer but it is not impossible at all.

Meta (Facebook previously) has announced two new courses related to Front End and Back End technologies, which by following them from scratch to the end will enable you to become a Full Stack developer. These courses were hosted on the Coursera platform, which means that completing them will allow you to benefit from a professional certificate that expresses your professionalism in these two important technologies in the field of development and programming.

A professional front end course brought to you by Meta

Start your path in developing and improving website interfaces professionally through different Front End technologies. This allows you to design the interfaces and appearance of websites. It is a package of technologies that combines them in order to embody the best and professional interface for the website. Meta now allows you to master these techniques through this new course.

What will you learn through this course?

  • Creating responsive websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, along with creating creative visual content with professional animation
  • Learn to deal with the famous Front End frameworks, the most important of which is React
  • Dealing with libraries used in this field as well, such as Bootstrap
  • Understanding and working with resource management and collaborative work systems such as the Github platform
  • Qualify and train you to answer questions and exams related to Front End techniques in case you want to apply for a job after this course
  • At each stage of the course you will complete simple projects to absorb what you have learned

What software and professional technologies will you acquire?

  • My technology is HTML/CSS
  • Javascript programming language
  • Gain the basics of UI/UX
  • React framework
  • Dealing with front end development tools such as Console, Github, VSCode and others

Additional information about the course and how to apply

The course is available for complete beginners, you do not need any prior experience in the field of development or programming to apply for the course. The course can be completed within 7 months at a rate of 6 hours per week. The period can be significantly reduced by increasing the number of weekly hours. The course is currently only available in English translation as it is a new course, Arabic translation may be added at a later time.

A professional Back End course offered to you by Meta Company

Choosing the Back End course means that you will deal with advanced techniques in dealing with data and securing its access between the site and the server. It is also encrypted, and user data is encrypted. The back end requires a lot of different technologies to handle it like the API’s. It may even require dealing with advanced Back End frames. What will Meta provide us with in this course?

What will you learn through this course?

  • Gain the necessary skills to become a Back End developer such as coding techniques, communicating with databases, fetching and sending data.
  • Learn to deal with different programming languages such as Python, SQL, JSON, and XM
  • Acquiring the ability to deal with the platforms needed by the developer such as Git and Cloud Hostings cloud services and dealing with API’s
  • Gain the necessary skills to develop an integrated website in terms of the Back End
  • Inform you about the most important tests and questions that are asked in job interviews to hire Back End Developers

What software technologies will you acquire

  • Programming language Python
  • Data structure or Data Structures
  • Django web framework
  • Dealing with the API’s

Additional information about the course

The course will provide you with everything you need to become a professional Back End Developer. The course is available for complete beginners, so even if you do not have any programming experience, you can join it. You will need a period of 8 months at a rate of 6 hours per week to complete it completely, with the possibility of reducing the period significantly by increasing the number of hours worked per week. The course is only available in English at the moment, and translation may be added later.

Full Stack Developer by taking the two courses together

You are free to take one course if your specialization is unique. If you specialize in the development of front-end interfaces and want to further enhance your capabilities, obtain a certificate, and then get a job in this field, then only the Front End course can suffice.

However, if your goal is much further than that, such as becoming a Full Stack developer who is able to develop websites from scratch and from scratch, then you will need to follow the two courses together. By completing them, you will be able to create a complete website.

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