A Course for Professional automation using Python from GoogleA Course for Professional automation using Python from Google

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Google is distinguished by a group of different courses that you can follow lesson by lesson, and then obtain a certificate at the end that also broadcasts your learning for these courses. Google is one of the giant companies that are interested in educating users around the world about its technologies, and other high-level technologies as well.

One of its most famous courses, and the most subscribed to by users around the world, is a course entitled Learning to automate tasks using the Python programming language.

This article aims to bring you closer to the content of this course, the various details about it, whether you should participate in this course, and finally how to do so.

Details of the automation professional course using the Python programming language

Automation course in the Python programming language, it is a course provided by Google, with the possibility of obtaining a certificate at the end that certifies you professionally dealing with the Python programming language and making automatic software in Python. At the beginning of this course, you will learn all the basics of the Python programming language first, because it is necessary in order to immerse yourself in making scripts for this course.

The course is available for complete beginners, whether in Python, programming or scripts in general. Meaning, even if you do not have any programming experience from the ground up, you will be able to benefit from this course. Because this course will help you from the beginning in acquiring programming little by little until you achieve the desired results correctly.

You can complete this course according to the platform scheme within 8 months by taking the course for 5 hours per week. However, the platform allows you to choose the flexible scheduling you want and complete it in much less time. Instead of 5 hours a week, you can make it 5 hours a day, and complete the course in much less time.

Then finally, you can follow this course in Arabic as well, as Google allows you, through this course, to obtain an Arabic translation that helps you understand the course more.

What will I gain by the end of this course?

What will you gain by the end of this course? Or put another way, when I finish this course, what will I be able to do programmatically? Let us make you happy, dear reader, and tell you that this course will teach you a lot of programming techniques, by the end of which you will be able to create a lot of programs. Therefore, let us underline the following points for you, the most important things that this course will teach you:

Basics of programming in Python: The Python programming language is one of the most powerful programming languages in the world, and it is also popular in the Arab world. There are hundreds or even thousands of courses that explain it to you. But now you are on a date with an academic explanation provided to you by Google.

Learn the basics of Git and Github: The course will help you acquire the basics of Version Control through Git. It is one of the modern technologies to professionally raise and manage projects.

The basics of solving problems and programming issues: The goal of making automation scripts is originally to solve an existing problem or to speed up the work of a problem that takes a lot of time, and in order to understand it, it must be solved and explored first. The course would teach you such methods.

Algorithms and Data Structure: Of course, you will learn the basics of programming including data structure and algorithms. You will also do this using the Python programming language.

Object Oriented Programming or OOP: Object Oriented Programming is one of the basic principles that you can rely on programming as well, and fortunately this course will cover it for you. And again, with explanations in Python.

And other software technical characteristics that must be acquired in order to benefit from the various characteristics of this course, and to achieve the end result, which is creating automation scripts in Python.

How to participate in the course?

In order to obtain this course and benefit from it until the end, as well as to obtain a certificate in the course, all that is required is that you have your own account on the Coursera platform.

The Coursera platform is not a free platform, by the way, that you get a trial period of only 7 days for free, but after that you will have to pay, because it is an academic platform in which experts and professionals offer their own courses. So, in order to benefit from this course, go to the course link from the following link, then click on the Enroll button. It will take you to the Create your own account or login page. Once the registration and entry process is completed, you will be automatically enrolled in the course content, and it will be added to the list of registered courses. Follow the course from start to finish.

For students… You can apply for the course for free

Not only for students, but if you have an academic email, there is an option on the Coursera platform that allows you to get the course for free, but without a certificate. You can do so by choosing the option Financial aid available in the course:

After clicking on it, you will have to enter a package of private information in addition to the aforementioned mail. Then you have to wait for at least 15 days to get an answer with approval or rejection. If approved, you will be able to access the course content for free.

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