5 Sites to get Accredited Programming Certifications5 Sites to get Accredited Programming Certifications

5 sites for accredited programming certificates. Do you want to get recognized certificates in the field of programming? Here are the best sites for getting programming certifications. Software certifications.

Learning programming is no longer a big deal now, anyone can learn any programming language whatever it is by simply searching for a programming course on YouTube or even Google and having a set of training articles in the field of programming.
But how can you prove that you are really a professional programmer in that programming language or programming technology?
This is the question you should actually ask. The answer to this question is clear: a martyrdom by certain parties attesting to you that you learned that programming language under its framework.
But you should know that obtaining a digital certificate online is not always free  -indeed, you may rarely find it free, perhaps in an offer or something like that -. This is because there is no company in this world that would like to give its name to someone who has come and gone and to testify to him that he learned under its supervision. Moreover, if you do, the certificate will have no value.
Take the example of the Google Analytics certificate from Google, everyone has it to the point that other parties are no longer interested in obtaining it. Therefore, the exception is important and valuable. If I told you about the Blueprint certificate from Facebook, few people have it, and if I told any company specializing in marketing that you have it, they would welcome you immediately, because it is a certificate that not everyone has and you pay a lot for it  -approximately $100 to get it -.
Therefore, to sum up, we put in your hands on this topic a group of sites to obtain strong accredited certificates in the field of programming that we recommend to you.

Hsoub Academy

Hsoub Academy offers you a set of specialized courses in many fields, not only programming, but also entrepreneurship, design and self-employment. It provides a package of specialized books to read as well. It is possible to select any of the courses offered by Hsoub Academy through its official website, and then follow the course explained professionally from A to Z. You can obtain a certificate of appreciation from the site proving your knowledge of the software technology you have chosen.

Coursera platform

From our personal point of view, we see that it is the best, and the reason for this is that most of its courses support translation in Arabic. Because the biggest problem that you will find in all the platforms presented in this article is the problem of language.
Coursera is a platform for collecting academic courses offered to you from various parties. The platform includes courses and academic courses offered to you from universities around the world such as the University of Michigan, Harvard, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Hong Kong… It also provides courses offered by the largest companies in the world such as: Google, Microsoft, JetBrains, IBM, and more. These companies and universities put their own courses in different fields for the crowd, and you can search for the name of the company  -for example, Google – or the name of the course  -for example, Professional Python – to find dozens of courses in your hands.
In the description of each course, you will find the necessary viewing hours in order to complete the course, as well as a suggested schedule for completing the course  -for example, 5 hours per week for 3 months -, and then at the end you pass an exam or quizz to consolidate everything you have learned. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate documented by Coursera and signed by the company sponsoring the course.
Coursera is not a free platform, and it is free after registration for only 7 days. It also requires a bank card in order to register. However, there is a feature of Financial Aids or financial support, which you can seek and obtain a full course for free and with its certificate.

EdX platform

The EDX platform is one of the popular platforms for providing distance education and training courses and courses in many disciplines. Also, the courses and certificates offered by EDX are offered by the largest companies and universities in the world, such as Harvard University, Michigan also, and the University of California, without forgetting that you can actually obtain a certificate from these universities and companies through EDX.
One of the advantages of the edX platform is that you can get a completely free academic education. For example, you can follow a full course to learn the Python programming language from the University of Michigan completely free of charge, without paying a single penny. However, to obtain a certificate, you have to pay.
One of the problems with EDX is that it does not support Arabic translation, but there is a good solution for that. The Edraak platform  -which is an Arabic educational platform – has translated a group of EDX courses, which you can follow on Edraak in Arabic. Then come back to pass the exam and get a certificate on EDX.

Udacity platform

The Udacity platform is one of the platforms that gained a lot of fame in the Arab world under the initiative of a million Arab programmers. This is because the latter relied on the Udacity platform as an educational medium through it. The Udacity platform is very unique, as it provides training and educational courses and courses in various fields, most of which are technical and software fields. With the possibility of obtaining a certificate at the end provided by the platform.
The Udacity platform does not always provide courses from famous platforms or companies  -such as Google or Microsoft, they already exist, but not many -, as most of the courses are in fact provided by the platform itself. So in the end, you will get what is called a Nanodegree provided by Udacity and not provided by Google for example. But, despite that, the certificates will be of value and benefit if there are certificates, for example.
Udacity courses, courses, and certificates may be expensive at times, as some courses and certificates are priced up to $1,300, and perhaps the cheapest ones you can find are around $300. However, you should be aware that Udacity courses have weight in different companies, especially in partnership with other companies  -Google certificates, for example, through Udacity -.

LinkedIn Learning platform

LinkedIn is one of the most popular online job search social platforms. Through the LinkedIn platform, you can configure your profile and your capabilities, and you can respond to a set of work requests through the platform that are presented to you by different companies, depending on your specialization. However, we must not forget the LinkedIn Learning platform, which is also one of the ideal educational platforms provided to you by LinkedIn.
The LinkedIn Learning platform allows you to access hundreds of different courses in several fields, especially in the fields of vocational training and business training. However, you can also find specialized courses in the field of programming that you can follow.
On the platform, you can enjoy a period of 7 days for free  -and sometimes 30 days in some offers or some discounts offered by the platform -. Following a course will take a long time, of course, and in the end, you can get a certificate of completing the course provided by the LinkedIn platform  -which is approved by almost every company in the world -.

Udemy and BitDegree platforms

Udemy and BitDegree are well-known platforms for offering different courses and courses at various levels. There are many courses and courses that you can follow on the two platforms. By the end of the course, you can earn a certificate at the end of the platform  -Udemy or BitDegree -.
The two platforms have many positives, the most important of which is that they allow you to access a large package of courses for free through a set of offers and discounts, and this is a good thing. However, on the other hand, there is one of the most negative aspects of the two platforms, which is the poor value of their certificates in the market. Because it is simply for everyone  -and this is what we mentioned at the beginning of this article in the introduction -. Therefore, even if you obtain dozens of certificates in these two platforms, it is the same, because hundreds of thousands of people around the world have the same certificate and more.

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