A collection of free courses offered to you by Harvard UniversityA collection of free courses offered to you by Harvard University

Want to get a degree from Harvard University in a technical field? This is a group of free courses offered by the famous Harvard University with the possibility of obtaining a certificate


Welcome, dear reader and learner, to a new article on our website and in the Courses section. Studying online is no longer the preserve of the elite only, but everyone can, as long as he has the Internet and an educational device – a computer or a phone – get distance education from the most prestigious and largest universities in the world. It is enough to first determine the field that you want to study.

In our article, and because our specialization is definitely computer science and technology in general, we have chosen for you a group of the best courses in this field, but the presenter of the courses this time is different, as it is presented by the famous university “Harvard”. The university that was home to today’s tech giants like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and others. So let us explore the list of courses selected for you this month.

Before starting, we would like to point out that all of these courses are selected for you from the Edx educational website. The ability to follow the course and benefit from its content is completely and categorically free, but obtaining a certificate in that course requires you to pay. We will tell you the value of the certificate in each of the reviewed courses. It should also be noted that the courses offered are almost all of the CS50 category, i.e. basics and necessities in the field.

CS50 Comprehensive Introduction to Computer Science

The CS50 is a famous course – you may find it on many platforms – and it is a course that includes everything about computer science from a technical point of view, whether it is related to software or hardware.

The course first starts by teaching you the basics – 101 – about computers in general, how they work, related hardware, the role of programming languages in communicating with computers, and more. Then it takes you step by step into the programming world, starting with algorithms – and how they can be exploited in computer science, passing through the current programming languages that are widely used, then ways to use computer science in modern fields, and more.

The duration of the course is 12 weeks, with you spending 8-12 hours per day viewing the course content and videos. The course is available for free after your registration on the platform, and it is provided, of course, by Harvard University. And if you are sure of your abilities and want to obtain a certificate from Harvard in this course, you can do so for $199.

CS50 course to learn web development using Javascript and Python

We will all agree that website development techniques are very comprehensive and numerous, but there are software technologies that have wide control over the web field, take the example of the Javascript programming language, its vast frameworks and libraries have many uses, so that you can become a Full Stack developer using only JavaScript by following the path of MEAN or MERN, for example.

This CS50 course from Harvard University puts in your hands first learning basic web technologies such as: HTML, CSS, Js, to move with you later to learning the Python programming language in order to use Django as a backend, and then to more controversial technologies such as Git, explaining techniques The UI, an explanation of dealing with databases via SQL, and more.

The course is available for free, and you can finish it in 12 weeks at a rate of 6-9 hours per week, and if you want to obtain a certificate from Harvard, you can pay $ 199 for that.

CS50 Course Introduction to learning the video game industry – Game Development

If you want to specialize in the field of the video game industry, which has become a major in demand in the world due to the large number of companies developing video games, and the profits that these companies make as well, then you need a comprehensive technical course in the field of video game development, and Harvard University covers everything for you. something.

A complete course that explains to you all the basics of the world of the video game industry at the beginning, so that the course begins to delve deeper into explaining 2D and 3D technologies in video games, then explains programming languages such as Lua and C# and their specializations in the video game industry, passing to learning the manufacture of animation, sounds and movements, and concludes it. You can recreate old video games in your own way.

The course is also available for free, you can complete it in 12 weeks at a rate of 6-9 hours per week, and you can get a certificate from Harvard for $199.

CS50 Course … I understand technology in general

Of course, you cannot be a professional in a technical field such as software, development, or even data science, and you do not know the initial basics about computers and the Internet, such as how a computer works, how we connect to the Internet, how programming languages work, as well as an answer to the famous question: How is programming done? The first computer programming program!

In the CS50 course to understand the basics of technology in general, provided, of course, by Harvard University, the course will review with you all the basics related to technology and computers in general, starting with how a computer works and how the Internet works, how we can play a video or audio file on a computer, how programming languages work and more.

The course is available for free, of course, and you can finish it in a period of 6 weeks at a rate of 2-6 hours each week, and you can also earn a certificate from Harvard for $ 199.

A course to learn the basics of data science and artificial intelligence

If you have the desire to learn data science techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning, you will not find a better place than Harvard University to learn all these basics and techniques. In this course provided by the university, you will first learn everything related to the basics of data science, initial concepts, then programming languages, tools and more, then join a series of other videos that teach you how to build artificial intelligence that is able to learn from the collected data. Then the last project of the course will be to build a movie suggestion system for users based on their taste by collecting and exploiting data to show movie and series suggestions.

The course is completely free, and you can finish it in 8 weeks at a rate of 2-4 hours per week. You can include a certificate from Harvard for $99 in this field.

Course CS50 Introduction to artificial intelligence using the programming language Python

If you are a programmer in the Python programming language, and you want to take your abilities in this programming language towards the field of artificial intelligence, then this course from Harvard University may be all you need for that. Another CS50 class course, which includes all the divided courses you need to learn artificial intelligence techniques from scratch, based on the Python programming language, and other libraries used in this programming language.

The course is available for free, you can complete it in a period of 7 weeks at a rate of 10-12 hours per week, and you can also get a certificate attesting to your professionalism in the field of artificial intelligence from Harvard for $ 199.

Learn and master the Python programming language and its libraries

And we conclude this article with you with a course specialized in teaching you the Python programming language from Harvard University. The course specializes in the latter in making the Python programming language a basic language for conducting research and collecting information through a group of libraries such as NumPp and Scipy and subjecting it to real case studies. But before we get to this stage, the course explains to you all the basics of the Python programming language and how to create various programs through it – if you want to exploit Python on the web, we recommend the above CS50 course for Python for the web.

The course, as usual, is free, and you can finish it within 12 weeks at a rate of 2-4 hours per week. You can also include a technical certificate for $169, attesting to your professionalism in the Python programming language.


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