New Meta courses on Coursera with professional certificationNew Meta courses on Coursera with professional certification

New Meta courses on Coursera with professional certification. Courses to learn the manufacture of Android applications from Meta. Free certificate from Facebook Inc.

Meta offers us its own package of educational courses available to everyone through the Coursera platform. With full support via a certificate provided to you by Coursera. The company has previously launched a full course and course dedicated to Full Stack Web Developers.

It was not the only course, in fact there are other courses from the company that deserve your attention even more, and they are what we will review for you today with the most important information you need to know about the course.

Before we move on to explaining the courses, a final reminder that all of these courses are provided by Meta, and through the Coursera platform. These are non-free courses and you need to subscribe to the Coursera platform to access the course. With a certificate at the end that highlights your professionalism in the content of the course.

Android application development professional course

We know how important Android application developers are in recent times, and that the job market is in great demand for this category of developers. Among the distinguished courses offered by Meta recently is the Android Developer course with a Professional Certificate.

This course helps you learn the basic theoretical techniques for developing Android applications, how mobile applications work, and the application life cycle. The course moves with you to explain more advanced basics based on the Kotlin programming language as a basic language for development, then React and web development techniques for creating Native applications.

In addition to the basic elements of developing mobile applications, you will learn additional basics such as Linux and Bash to manage the work environment, you will learn how to deal with the Android Studio environment, then Github and project management via Version Control (Git), then web technologies, most notably Javascript.

The course is available only in English, and it is open to all beginners, and it can be completed within 8 months at a rate of 7 hours per week. Of course, the difference can be reduced by much more weekly hours.

Professional iOS application development course

Unleash yourself and pave the way to your advantage to become a full-fledged iOS and macOS app developer with this meta course. The field of developing iOS applications is among the fields that are in high demand and at the same time, iOS developers receive high wages around the world. To help you start in this field from scratch and without prior experience, Metta offers this course to everyone.

The following course helps you learn a lot of software technologies and digital services, the most important of which is of course learning to develop iOS applications based on the Swift programming language as well as web technologies such as React to create hybrid iOS applications. Then acquiring general and comprehensive development and programming skills such as Github and dealing with the Linux system and Bash Script. The course also focuses on one of the most important things in iOS applications, which is creating distinctive interfaces (UI / UX), which the course devotes a good amount of time to.

The course is open to everyone, especially beginners and those who have no experience in development and programming. It comes only in English without translation, and the course can be completed within 8 months at a rate of 7 hours per week.

A course specializing in social media marketing

A simple scroll through the freelance platforms, and you will discover that many offers are directed to digital marketing and promotion specialists through social media platforms and social media. If you are interested in the field of marketing, promotion and marketing in all its aspects, this Meta course takes you step by step in this path.

This course focuses on developing and refining technical skills in marketing and advertising, and promoting basic concepts such as Brand Management. In addition to presenting the best and most popular methods now in marketing and advertising, such as content marketing, creating social media marketing strategies, building campaigns, and more.

Fortunately, this course is available with Arabic subtitles, and is intended for beginners with no experience, and can be completed in 7 months at a rate of 2 hours per week. Of course, the difference can be significantly reduced by increasing the number of hours watching the course.

Database engineer course

Metacourse offers you to become a database management engineer, would you meet this proposal? The course is intended for people who want to hone their practical skills within the work environment. Or to enhance your capabilities in the field of database management to the level of an expert and engineer in this field. The course does not require any previous experience in the field of database management, and everyone can benefit from it.

The course first begins by explaining the most important basics about databases, such as explaining DBMS or relational database management services, and the concept of data management in general. Then little by little he starts to specialize in explaining services like MySQL . And again, the course helps you learn the basics of development and programming in general, such as Git, Linux, and others.

Marketing Analytics course

Tell me, dear reader, can you read marketing campaigns, understand them, analyze them, extract their shortcomings and positives, and create promotional campaigns based on the extracted results?

This course can be linked with the previous course (Social Media Marketing Specialization) in order to enhance your capabilities in the field of marketing and promotion. However, this course only specializes in understanding and analyzing the results of marketing campaigns. Through this course, you will acquire data analysis, extracting and understanding marketing strategies, improving and developing promotional campaigns, understanding marketing statistics, classifying and isolating data, and more as well.

The course is intended for beginners, and it can be completed within 7 months at a rate of 4 hours per week, with an extension of time to complete the course much earlier.

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