Explanation of the Black Eye penetration testing toolExplanation of the Black Eye penetration testing tool

Here is a full explanation of the Black Eye hack tool and everything you need to know about it. HiddenEye tool, install blackeye tool, blackeye commands, tiktok hack tool


Social engineering is one of the most professional hacking techniques really, because you don’t need to hack the device any more than you need to hack the mind of the victim. As for the rest, it is easy, just additional tools and supplies that you can use to complete the actual hacking process. There are literally hundreds of tools that you can use in the field of social engineering, perhaps the most prominent of which is the Black Eye tool. So what is this tool? its uses? What is the point of it? And how you can install it and use it yourself.

What is the Black Eye tool?

Black Eye is an open source phishing tool. Through it, you can create a set of sample pages for popular platforms, in the form of links that can be said to be somewhat “inundated”. As a result, sharing these links with the victim and entering his information on the page sent to him will lead to your viewing and knowing them, and thus hacking him. The Black Eye tool falls within the categories of social engineering tools, due to your complete need to control and control the victim, before actually sharing or sending any of the links that the tool embodies to you.

Black Eye Penetration Testing Tool Interface

Black Eye is a command line controlled program, not a GUI. But do not worry, you do not need to use complex codes in order to use them, as most of your inputs will consist of choosing the number or the platform or just simply typing the number you want. The tool has evolved a lot, to include a set of pages and more support for different platforms, and this is what makes it one of the most popular, advanced and updated reverse engineering tools.

How can I start using the Black Eye tool?

You should know first that this version (the official version of the tool) is only available on Linux. Hence, you need to own any Linux distribution in order to run it. There is another unofficial version for Windows as well that you can use, but for now we will focus only on the Linux version.

Because the tool is open source, first go to it from the following link on the Github platform. Technically, below you will find a full explanation of how to install and use it, as follows:

  • Copy the project to your computer with the command: git clone https://github.com/Git-Ankitraj/blackeye-im.git
  • Open the project, or open Terminal in the center of the project folder.
  • In the terminal, enter the command: chmod +x ./setup.sh
  • Then enter the following command: ./setup.sh
  • Finally, each time you want to run the program, just enter the following command: ./blackeye.sh

As soon as you enter the last command, the Blackeye project interface will pop up in Terminal, and you can now start using it normally. The use of the tool is not complicated, it is enough to choose the number of the platform through which you want to create a fake page (for example, number 1 to create an Instagram login page). Wait a while and you will see an address in the form of an IP link (eg

Now you have to forward this address in order to install it on a specific link, such as reserving a free domain or something like that in order to make the domain more reliable. You can start testing your hacking and social engineering skills right now.

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