Hacking from the phoneHacking from the phone

Kali Nethunter is a platform where once you install it in your smartphone, you can run penetration tests using just your phone. Learn about Kali Nethunter


Who among us does not know the famous operating system Kali Linux. And if not, it is the most popular operating system based on the Linux kernel, which is used in the field of penetration testing. This is because Kali Linux comes with all the tools a user needs to perform any kind of penetration testing, whether on devices, networks, websites, exploits, and more.

Since smartphones now offer features that can be found on computers, sometimes even better. Offensive Security, the company that developed the system, decided to release one of the world’s most famous hacking distributions for smartphones, which bears the name Kali NetHunter.

This article aims to help you get to know Kali Nethuter by defining it, and then mentioning its most prominent uses. Some of its pros and cons, and how to get started with using it.

What is Kali NetHunter?

Kali’s official website describes NetHunter as a free and open source platform for Android phones to help them conduct penetration testing. It is based on the popular Kali Linux operating system.

The Kali Nethunter platform (we will call it a platform as stated on the official website, and not a program, application or system) contains a set of mini-applets that simulate large, popular programs that we use on the computer. For example, Nmap for mobile.

Kali Nethunter requires a rooted Android operating system. This is normal because most penetration testing software needs full access to both the software and the hardware.

Fortunately, the developer has released two additional versions of the platform, NetHunter Rootless for devices that do not need root, and they have limited services. NetHunter Lite is lighter and has less applets.

What is Kali Nethunter for?

Like Kali Linux, the goal of Kali Nethunter is to perform penetration tests using a smartphone. With plugins and applications originally available within the system, which can be downloaded externally via a specific store, you can perform penetration testing operations just like a computer.

Kali Nethunter can turn your simple phone from which you used to browse Facebook and Instagram posts, into a powerful device capable of hacking and bypassing any type of security using just your smartphone.

What types of penetration testing techniques can I perform with Kali Nethunter?

Almost everything, when you install Kali Nethunter, you can also install a dedicated store named NetHunter Store App. And it’s not much different from the Android app store you’re familiar with. But the applications in this store are hacking applications that can be downloaded to perform a specific purpose.

While Kali Nethunter is installed, it does not offer all the popular penetration testing applications (to keep device space reasonable). Through its store, it allows users to download applications according to the type of penetration testing process that you need. And prepare the platform according to the penetration process that you plan.

If you are trying to conduct penetration testing operations on Wi-Fi networks, for example, go to the store and download applications related to this field, then start using them. And when you are done, you can delete them in order to reduce the storage space on your device.

Kali Nethunter System Requirements

Technically, you can run Kali Nethunter on any device without regard to the operating parameters, but the better the phone, the better the usability. We also remind you that if the phone’s components are weak or medium, installing and operating some tools may affect its performance.

The official website of the platform recommends that your smartphone should be Android 10 or above. And Kali recommends your phone to be Android 11 for better use of the platform. With at least 10GB of free storage space.

We remind you that you do not need to root to run Kali Nethunter, but if the phone is rooted, it will be better.

There are 3 different versions of the system, one for rooted devices, one for non-rooted devices, and another version for lite devices, but it does not have many options. While loading the platform, make sure to download the one that is most suitable for your smartphone.

How to get started with Kali Nethunter

Installing Kali Nethunter on a smartphone is not an easy process. It’s not about installing an app and then installing it and starting to use it. Kali Nethunter can only be installed via Termux on a smartphone.  If you do not know what Termux is, please see the following article:

Then, follow the following points with us and try to adhere to them:

  • First start by downloading the Termux app (from here) and then the Kali Nethunter Store app (from here)
  • Install them, of course, on your smartphone
  • In the Kali NetHunter Store app, search for another app called NetHunter Kex and download it from the store
  • Now all the work will be done through the Termux command line, by executing a set of commands, which we will leave to you in the following way:
1 - apt upgrade // to upgrade termux
2 - apt update // to update packages
3 - apt install wget // to install wget command
4 - wget -0 nethunterInstaller https://offs.ec/2MceZWr // to download nethunter
5 - chmod +x nethunterInstaller // permission to install nethunter
6 - /nethunter Installer // install nethunter

We have provided an explanation for each of these commands next to it. The last command will open Kali Nethunter as a command line, and you can now start using it. (Of course you will need guidance or an explanation of how to use the tools within it). You can then either install the software you need from the Nethunter Store and then run it on the system, or install it directly via the command line.

As a basic note: During the installation process, you may have some options pop up asking you to confirm or deny. Most of them you have to accept via the (y) option. Except for the last consent option. in the last command.

Another note, Kali Nethunter can be connected to Kali Linux on a computer, and simultaneous operations can be performed between the two devices.

In the following way, you can start using Kali Nethunter, but it is always preferable to take lessons and video tutorials to deal with the Kali Nethunter system and its special tools.

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