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Who among us today does not have an account on the Google service for e-mail, Gmail or Gmail? It is one of the most popular services ever to provide email to all users. It also allows you to register on many other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or almost any other site that requires you to register. Especially with the “Sign up with Google” button that makes the process easy if you only have a Gmail account. That is why Gmail mail becomes the focus of attention of hackers and hackers in general, and they practice a wide range of methods that enable them to hack and hack Gmail mail. In our topic, we will guide you to the most important methods used by hackers to hack Gmail mail, and how to protect yourself from it as well.

Gmail hacking by phishing

You may come across a lot of them, and Google is trying to classify the most prominent of them in the Spam list, but this does not mean that you will not be spared from them. Phishing messages are among the most important methods used by hackers to hack Gmail mail of any kind. It is initially done by sending a distinctive message that may attract the attention of the victim. The message may include any kind of fraudulent link, which may make you leave the Gmail platform towards another similar platform. In the second fraudulent platform, the hacker will ask you to re-enter your email and password. And if you do that, he will undoubtedly access your private account. Pay attention! Especially when you receive messages from unknown users.

Hack Gmail account using the keylogger

Among the well-known fraudulent methods used to hack accounts in general, whether hacking Facebook accounts or Twitter accounts, etc., is the keylogger. And the keylogger for those who do not know it, is a malicious program that is installed on the victim’s computer, and then it can spy on everything you type on the keyboard. In this case, the hacker tricks you into installing the software (or sometimes you install it by downloading an unknown or malicious file over the Internet). Then all the hacker now has to do in order to hack your Gmail account, is to monitor the email and password that you enter while logging into your account, and he will access it in turn.

Gmail hack by accessing registered passwords

In order to do this process, the hacker needs to perform two hacks, both of which are the result of an error on the part of the user. First, the hacker needs to access the computer and hack it,and he can do that in several ways, most notably the RAT, for example. Then the hacked user has to pre-register the password and email in the browsers password logging feature. Normally, when you register your account on a specific platform, a window pops up in your browser telling you Do you want to save your password and email for easy registration later? If you agree to this, that information will be recorded. After the hacker hacks into your computer, he will be able to analyze and gain full access to it. Alternatively, if you have access to the user’s computer and the email is logged in, you can expose and steal the email and password list.

Hacking Gmail by eavesdropping on the network

You can also hack a Gmail account by eavesdropping on the network, but the latter requires an integrated work environment in order to do so. First, the hacker and the hacker must be together in the same network, that is, connected from the same Wi-Fi network, for example. Then the hacker runs a set of different programs specialized in eavesdropping on the network, such as Wireshark, for example, and then captures the packets coming from the network and then decrypts them. But during the communication process, the victim must log into his Gmail account and enter the password and email. Above all, because the connection is encrypted via HTTPS, you need to isolate it via SSL Stripe. Generally, it is successful but it requires a huge environment in order to achieve it.

Using spy software and applications to access the password of Gmail accounts

In our previous thread on Aqua Web titled How to Spy on Others’ WhatsApp, we mentioned a wide range of spyware. These programs are basically modular in their work. First, they are programs that provide you with their own application. When this application is installed in the victim’s phone, you will be able to view WhatsApp messages, geolocation, text messages, Facebook messages, and more. And also, most importantly in this case, Gmail mail. The idea here is that you can’t actually hack it by finding the password and email, but rather by spying on the Gmail content after configuring the spyware on the victim’s phone (you need access to the victim’s phone to install it).

Hacking Gmail through social engineering

Or, you can choose one of the most foolproof, but also the most difficult, methods of using social engineering in the email hacking process. It also includes a wide range of social engineering tools that you can exploit in all previous hacks. Generally, it can work best if combined with the first method which is electronic baiting.

First (without phishing), the hacker can communicate with the victim via social media platforms, and persuade him to provide him with Gmail first, but for the password, he can rely on the password recovery feature over the phone, the victim will receive a code to change the account password. The hacker tries to convince the victim and manipulate his mind until he provides you with the code that he connected to his smartphone, and thus he can hack his account.

As for the second (using electronic phishing), the hacker talks to the victim and manipulates his mind more and more. When the hacker finds that the victim has begun to trust him, the hacker sends an amalgamated link that carries a fake page. Perhaps, if the victim enters the email and password, the hacker gets it, and by hacking it.

How do I protect myself from my Gmail account being hacked?

Sometimes you may be the victim, and in this case you must protect yourself greatly against hacking and hacking of your Gmail account. Therefore, follow the following key points in order to ensure that your Gmail account is not hacked:

Do two-factor authentication (2FA):

Two-factor authentication is one of the most important ways to protect your Gmail account from hackers. It simply links your Gmail account to your phone. Every time someone tries to log in to your account, they will have to agree to the login process from the phone. If you don’t agree, they won’t be able to access the account. This means that even if he has the password, he will never be able to access and hack your account.

Do not store passwords in the browser:

Never do this, whether your Gmail account or the rest of your other accounts, it is not safe at all. If you want to do that, at least use more secure services like Lastpass or Dashlane, which provide better encryption and better protection for stored passwords.

Before entering your password and email, make sure you are on the correct page: Make sure you are not on a phishing page. The official Gmail website is crystal clear, make sure you have https encryption before you proceed to enter your email and password.

If you receive a password reset that you did not request, ignore it: You may receive (if you are targeted) some messages on your smartphone telling you that you requested a password reset and others. If you don’t ask for it, just ignore it, and if someone tells you to send the content of the message, don’t.

Finally, we remind you that Gmail is very protected and provides many protection methods, and that any hacking process is first and foremost due to a user error, so try to avoid these errors to avoid being hacked.

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