The most powerful social engineering tools you need to knowThe most powerful social engineering tools you need to know

We show you a group of the most powerful social engineering tools that you should know, the purpose of each tool separately, and when to use each of the social engineering tools

Social engineering is considered among the most powerful hacking methods, as it does not depend on hacking a device, computer, or phone, but rather penetrating the human mind and controlling it. And believe it or not, even this task requires a set of social engineering tools to help you complete the task.

Welcome to Aqua Web, then, and a new article that first explains social engineering and how it works, then shows you a package of the most powerful and best social engineering tools that you must install and use in order to achieve your goal (which is to penetrate the human mind) with a simple explanation of each tool separately, and when and how you use it.

First, what is social engineering?

We have an article that puts in your hands everything about social engineering that you may want to see first, and if you do not have time for that, then it is okay. We will re-explain it in a simpler way in this paragraph.

Social engineering, or as many prefer to use the term hacking minds, is a set of techniques that you practice on a specific person, allowing you to collect a lot of information and data about the target by gaining his trust and manipulating him, that information or data that you By collecting them, you can classify them later and obtain confidential information through them, such as the password of social media platforms, for example.

As an example, we define a specific goal and say a colleague of yours at work, you talk to him (with your own account or another account) and try to gain his trust, get close to him, so he tells you simple information such as his date of birth, or how much he owns in the bank, or his place of birth, or his childhood friend, Later, for example, you can access one of his private accounts and ask to forget the password. He may tell you in the account recovery question: Mention us the name of a childhood friend, and since you have this information before, consider it hacked!

So, after you know the goal behind social engineering, let us now review the most prominent tools of social engineering.

Social Engineer Toolkit (SET)

The SET tool, or an acronym for Social Engineer ToolKit, is a tool that comes with a console command line instead of a GUI interface. It comes with many techniques and features that help you experiment with social engineering at various levels. It comes with tools for creating fake or phishing pages for popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and others. It also comes with the ability to create a QR code, while examining it from the user, to obtain information about it. It also comes with different hacking techniques, such as sending SMS mail with Scaming techniques, and a group of different attacks aimed at disrupting special services for the user. The tool is separate and open source, and it can be installed on Linux systems with ease, and it also comes equipped with other systems such as Kali Linux. This is a simple course from Tutorialspoint that explains this tool and how to use it.

Maltego tool

Maltego is one of the most powerful tools for collecting and organizing information. When you deal with social engineering, information and data are the dividing line between you and hacking into the mind of the victim you target. In Maltego, you will be able to create multiple linked charts for all the information that you collect (Linked Analysis), through which you will keep all the information you have collected in your eyes first, and then you can conclude or extract other information based on it.

You can add any kind of information in Maltego, whether it is information about the victim’s devices such as IP addresses and contact information, or links to his accounts, or his personal information, and you can link them to each other and plan and conclude based on all that information.

Metasploit MSF tool

The Metasploit framework is one of the largest frameworks for hacking, which includes a huge number of secondary tools within it, including the MSF tool that can be exploited in the field of social engineering. The MSF comes in different types. First, the most prominent of which is the MSF Venom Payload Creator, which is a tool through which you can create simple programs or applications that can be sent to the user in order to detect vulnerabilities in his device or control it. It is also possible to create fake pages or simulate different web pages with the aim of Tricking the user into finally entering his personal information or passwords, and accessing them in the MSF tool. The tool is present in the Metsaploit, whether you are using a system that includes this tool, or you have downloaded it separately, in all cases you will be able to access it through the command line.

WifiPhisher tool

You must have used it more than once, we even have an entire article explaining everything about WifiPhisher. So the WifiPhisher tool is a tool that allows you to create Phishing pages, but this time it is for Wi-Fi networks, so that through it you will be able to first set the target Wi-Fi network, then copy all its properties and broadcast a Wi-Fi network similar to it, the only difference between the two networks will be that when you try If someone connects from that network, a page will pop up telling him to confirm the Wi-Fi password, after which you will be able to get the password for the network. But this process will not always work on its own, some social engineering features must be applied while practicing the art of hacking WiFi networks using the Wifiphisher tool.

And in conclusion

There are also hundreds of other tools specialized in the field of social engineering, and we promise you the second part, which will review a set of other tools in the same field soon.

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