Try Hack Me platform for learning and professional penetration testingTry Hack Me platform for learning and professional penetration testing

What is the Try Hack Me platform? Here is an explanation of the Try hack me platform to learn penetration testing from zero to professionalism. This is how you become a professional hacker


Penetration Testing is among the areas in which you challenge yourself and others, and digital services of all kinds. It is an area where you try to crack the protection of services, applications, sites and devices. But you have many challenges and difficulties ahead of you to reach a level that allows you to fully rely on yourself. Instead, we suggest that you rely on Try Hack Me.

What is the Try Hack Me platform?

Try Hack Me service and platform is a platform that teaches users to test penetration at different levels, from beginner mode through advanced mode, and even professional as well. Try Hack Me helps you achieve the desired results through a combination of paths, trainings, and even games in which you accumulate points and brag about them to other users.

The main idea behind the Try Hack Me platform is to open the door for everyone to learn penetration testing techniques properly and safely. Without the need to try it in illegal ways, or try it on platforms that may threaten the security of the platform first, and then your security second.

When should you use the Try Hack Me platform?

To explore and learn penetration techniques: If you are obsessed with the world of penetration, and you also want to be known as a hacker, then your beginnings may be from the Try Hack Me platform to learn the basics and principles of penetration testing. From exploring new software, to multiple hacking techniques.

Hacking Practice:

Assuming that you have already defined your path, and you have the skill and technique to start penetration testing, but you do not know how to practice and hone your skills, without exposing yourself to danger, then you can use the Try Hack Me platform. Provides full penetration training tracks and courses.

Defining Penetration Testing Tracks and Courses:

Want to become a website hacker, for example? You have to follow a specific course, learn specific software, specific hacking techniques and skills as well. Try Hack Me helps you provide the right path to learn hacking professionally. If you have any of these goals in your course, feel free to use the Try Hack Me platform.

What does the Try Hack Me platform do for you in general?

Mini games to learn to hack through Tryhackme offers a collection of mini-games that help you practice various hacking skills.

Games, although they seem like a bad idea or traditional, but through them you can practice solving problems and understanding the different systems that you will deal with in your career.

Learn to hack by choosing a specific path and practicing its techniques

You will see a set of different paths, each one of which will teach you a different hacking technique. With a complete training package for this course. This is a more than good option for beginners, as you will now know the tools and techniques that you had to master in order to become a professional hacker in a specific field.

A set of special exercises for penetration training

Train hacking techniques through a package of exercises. In fact, in each training stage there are dozens of exercises that you must complete in order to test yourself and your capabilities in the field of penetration, and to know your current level, and whether you should develop it, return to previous lessons, or apply for new lessons.

Simulate real live hacks (safely)

In order to fix the information, it is necessary to complete it perfectly. You will perform real hacking operations in simulated systems provided by the platform, to help you become a better hacker, and the platform will prepare you for real hacking operations that you will perform on real sites and services. Are you ready?


The TryHackMe platform is a free platform, and one of the platforms you should know if you are interested in professional hacking and becoming a professional hacker. Start exploring and using it today and explore it all.

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